Privacy policy

X Fitness is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and fully fulfilling and complying with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

Company executives, management and employees shall keep all personal data collected and / or stored and / or transmitted and / or used by the company confidential, and shall make every effort to keep them as appropriate. The company shall make every effort to ensure that personal data is collected and / or stored and / or transmitted and / or used for member services and internal purposes in an appropriate manner. When an individual legally requests the acquisition and / or correction of personal data held by the company, the company shall provide and / or correct the data in an appropriate manner in a timely manner.


Collection of personal data

To help improve the services and products provided by X Fitness, provide personalized services, follow up on classroom upgrades and renewals, and promote the latest services and product promotions related to fitness, yoga, catering and retail business to each customer, X Fitness Different types of personal data are collected.


X Fitness collects your personal data when you sign a user agreement with X Fitness and submit a registration on the X Fitness website or other channels.


You are not responsible for providing us with any personal information, but the information you provide will help X Fitness provide you with services and products. The basic information we need includes your name, phone number and email address.


In order for X Fitness to better understand your needs in order to provide personalized services, X Fitness may ask you for more detailed information. For all relevant requirements, it is entirely up to you to decide whether to provide the information; in some cases when you request services, you may need to provide some information, and whether to provide such information is your decision. Obviously, if you fail to provide the relevant information, we may not be able to provide the services you have requested; in all cases, if we need any information from you, we will give advance notice. If you must provide the relevant information, we will notify you in advance.


Whenever possible, we use common industry practices and codes to verify the information provided, including checking the sum of digital items such as accounts or credit card numbers. In some cases, we are able to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the existing information we have. In some cases, companies must review original documents before using personal data, such as proof of personal identity and / or address.


Types of personal data collected:

• your attendance record;

• your shopping history;

• Your personal information; name, age, gender, address, mobile phone, office phone, emergency contact name, emergency contact phone, email address, country of residence, date of birth, profile photo, title, company name and address , Salary range and job details, education and professionalism, interests and leisure activities, other related products and services ordered, household and household statistics;

• Your credit card details, payment details including payment methods;

• your fitness plan and goals;

• how you know X Fitness;

• community discussions, communications through the website, and communications between you and X Fitness;

• Other information you exchange with the website, services, and content, including computer and connection data, page view statistics, website inbound and outbound traffic data, advertising data, IP locations, and standard web log data;


Use of personal data

• Processing applications and registration procedures;

• Follow up on classroom upgrades and renewals;

• conducting market research and analysis;

• direct marketing activities;

• confirm the validity of the discount offer;

• Other related uses.


X Fitness will make every effort to take all reasonable steps to maintain the security of personal data and to maintain correct and up-to-date information. If the data is computer data, it is stored in a computer system and storage media with strict control over data access. If it is actual records, it is stored in a locked area. In several cases, these facilities are located overseas. X Fitness employees and data specialists have an obligation to keep all personal data held by X Fitness confidential. However, we cannot guarantee the security of communication on the Internet, so we cannot absolutely guarantee that the information is always safe. X Fitness assumes no responsibility for incidents resulting from unauthorized use of personal data.

The company will destroy personal information in accordance with our internal retention policies.




1. Unless the personal data is kept in compliance with relevant laws or agreed obligations, the personal data should only be kept until the original or directly related purpose at the time of collection is achieved; and

2. Personal data should be deleted from the company's computer, paper or other storage systems according to the above guidelines and internal procedures of the company on a specific schedule.


Transfer of personal data

To meet the needs of any of these uses, X Fitness may transfer your personal data to our holding companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, and associates.


Enquiry and correction of personal data

Individuals have the right to:
1. Determine whether the company holds personal data about itself and, if any, obtain a copy of that data;
2. Ask us to correct personal data that is inaccurate about us in order to use it.



"Cookies" are data stored in your computer's browser. After browsing, many webpages will generate cookies and store them on your computer's hard drive to identify that you have used the webpage and make it easier for you to use the webpage.


X Fitness web pages use two types of cookies: "Temporary cookies" are retained in the cookie file until you end your X Fitness web browsing session. The purpose is to make your use of X Fitness web pages more convenient and to avoid the need to restart Enter information and related items.


"Persistent Cookies" can help us identify you and allow us to provide you with personalized images and content on the X Fitness website to meet your preferences.

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